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  1. Great job, guys, today at the Knuckleheads jam. You really pull in some fine players to show their stuff with you. I’m most impressed with your ability and willingness to showcase these folks. AND, what a treat to see and hear Samantha play with you. I thought the place was going to explode when she and Brandon were trading licks, then playing “on top” of each other on that last number. Incredible stuff.
    Thank you!
    Chris Barr

  2. Love the new site. Easy to see schedule, all in one place. REALLY appreciate that! Main thing is the main thing, knowing where you are at any given time.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  3. One of the hardest working bands in the country. Professional, courteous, and just plain nice guys. Don’t let their mild manner fool you.If you see them live, hang on to your seats, to experience a ROCK’IN BLUES time of your life!!!!

  4. I saw you guys a couple years ago at the Paxico Festival, can’t wait to see you at Junction City in October! I’m so ready for another great show!

  5. Hey Jimmie,

    I caught your set at the Chicago Blues Harp Bash this past Sunday. Your tone is the best! Loved all your stuff, and picked up both cd’s (the 3rd was already sold out 🙂 I hope to see you again, sometime with Levee Town!

  6. You guys were so fantastic at the biscuit and the plantation. You rocked the house and turned some heads. Would love to see you again in Tulsa.

  7. I was recently fortunate enough to catch your act @ B B’s Lawnside BBQ & I was quite impressed, to say the least! I consider myself a fairly good judge of blues artists & you all rate right up there with the best! I have seen quite a few live shows & I can’t recall, EVER seeing a group perform for a SOLID 2 1/2 hours, non-stop. I purchased all 3 cd’s and am SO glad I did! I am a regular on a chat/video program {Paltalk} & have shared your music with blues addicts such as myself there. Everyone digs your sound! Thanks for an awesome evening of some GREAT BLUES! Hope to see ya’all again! BLUES ON!

  8. Had been wanting to catch an Indigenous show for a couple of years, as Mato is a mainstay on my iPod.

    Was happy to see that Levee Town was opening. I had seen you guys a couple of years ago, and have seen Jimmy sitting in w/ TUF at BB’s before.

    WOW is all I can say about last night’s set!!!!
    Brandon killed it! You moved up to the top of my list of KC area guitarists, when I think of TONE!

    You guys had the sound perfect! So perfect, that when Indigenous took the stage, they actually sounded like crap! It was such a letdown, after hearing your set. 🙁

    They got the vocals “semi” worked out by the 3rd song, but the rythym guitarist drowned out mato the entire set 🙁

    We took another couple with us, to have them hear Indigenous, and all my friend could say when we left was “The guitarist for Levee Town was unbelievable”!

    We will definitely catch you guys playing again soon, when you are doing a multi set show!


  9. Hey there-
    Its the guy from Washington State- Bought a CD at Trousermouse, and then saw a few of the band at Knuckleheads, hanging out. Brandon sure wasnt lonely, had quite a few honeys hanging off of him at various times.

    Just want to say you guys rock! and I will be following your careers. Hope you hear you all again. Feel free to hit me up at BTWill83@gmail.com

  10. meet jacque at the hideout jammin while on vacation, had just been to memphis/sun studios/clarksdale/holyground/ the big easy blues club in houston…u could probably gig there or at the hideaway in houston….i am blogging to tell u again about a joint/event in minneapolis/Stillwater to b exact. Bayport BQ, on th eweb…guy who owns the rerteraunt started the deep blues fest…it like alternative/blues…looks like he is gearing up for another fest, he also has some blues at his cafe/the cafe gig probably isnt a big $ gig….yourrockabilly/blues stuff would probably be big at the deep blues fest…maybe see you in zumbrota. mike

  11. ps dont forget to check out Neumans in north St Paul MN….or Schullers in golden valley MPLS for additional gigs…heard u were at the narrows. mike

  12. Hey, I just heard you guys are playing at the CQ Blues Festival in Sedan Kansas on May 27th. Can hardly wait. Yeah Levee Town is coming.

  13. Love your new website.

    Love the current and previous album.

    Love that you are coming back to Wildwood, NJ in July.

    I hope you consider coming to the East Coast more often. I think you have a good following here. Even though you haven’t performed in Wildwood for the last couple of years, people keep asking for you. I am looking forward, finally to see you play live. Best of luck and success for you. You deserve it.

    • Thanx so much, we are really looking forward to it & we are planing on staying sunday to relax if we can find a rental close to the beach.. Any ideas?

  14. I know a couple of places I have stayed at over the years.

    Jade East Motel
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    Contact Us
    Contact. 510 East 4th Avenue. Wildwood, NJ …
    510 East 4th Avenue, North Wildwood, NJ 08260
    (609) 522-1867
    1 Google review
    tripadvisor.com (25) – tripadvisor.ca (25) – yahoo.com (5) – travelpod.com (25)

    Welcome to the Acropolis Oceanfront Resort
    Situated right in the heart of Wildwood, it offers convenience in a lively athmosphere. … Contact us to reserve your stay at the Acropolis today. See our menu and …
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    Building exterior with chairs and olympic sized pool …
    home Our rooms amenities Poolside Restaurant and …
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    300 Kennedy Beach Dr, North Wildwood, NJ 08260
    (609) 522-5400
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    tripadvisor.com (82) – travelpod.com (81) – tripadvisor.co.uk (81) – yahoo.com (7)

    Acropolis is a little more expensive, but rooms are bigger than Jade East. Jade East is smaller and a little less expensive.

    If you call now to reserve your room(s), you might be able to get group discounts and they might not give you the higher rates after July.

    Both places are less than a block from the beach. About 3 blocks from the staging area of the festival.

    If those places don’t work, google north wildwood resorts and hotels. I don’t know if you can rent a condo for a weekend, but you can try.

  15. Sorry for the long reply, but I would like you and your friends enjoy your stay, and of course love to see you guys play every year.

    Also, look into performing gigs in the Philly area if interested. About 90% of the people that come ww blues fest. Are from Philly.

  16. I saw you guys play at the Parkville River Jam last weekend and really enjoyed the set. You played two songs towards the end of the evening and I was wondering what the titles are. One the woman sang and it had a lyric “voodoo daddy” or “voodoo mama” something like that. The other song had a lyric of “same page, different book”, I think. Thanks.

  17. You cats burned it to the ground at Blues Cruise 7/13/12. First timer and now a fan for life…………Rock on brothers………..rock on!!!!!!

  18. Saw you guys for the first time today at Anglesea Blues Festival. You were awesome. I hope to see you again in the Philly area.

  19. Just saw you guys at the Anglesea Blues Festival this past saturday. It’s been awhile since you played there last. Levee Town blew every band that played away. No disrespect to the other bands. I actually liked those bands that played. But you turn it up another level. When you played I felt I was not a blues festival, it felt like I was at a concert. I think you picked up a lot of new fans after Saturday. Thank you for playing Terintino. Great instrumental. I was impressed the way you went song after song non stop until break and back into it after the break. Couldn’t keep up with the songs. Had to listen to your albums after to remember what you played. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Wildwood, NJ. Hope you come back again next year. Also, hope you consider playing in the Philly area. Everybody that saw you was from the Philly area. Best of luck to you. Stay healthy and hope to hear some new fresh music in the future.

  20. I just 30 min’s ago left your concert in the Baraboo Town Square. Don’t need ta say too much, ‘cept U guys were fantastic!! I haven’t had such a good time @ a concert since i watched Chuck Berry preform near a half century ago… Jim thx for the tip re: the Marine Band Crossover Harmonica! Pray u guys come back to Baraboo next summer, i will bring friends….

  21. OMG! I saw yall last Sunday at Knuckleheads, and fell in love! I’ll be your newest groupie! My favorite was “MURDERED BY LOVE” . . . .Hope I get to hear it again today! Hugssssss!!!!!

  22. Saw Levee Town at the Iron Horse in Ulysses, Kansas December 28th – Had a great time chatting with Jacque about some times long long ago in a land far far away – I was so very impressed with the music – Blew me away !!! I wish you guys the best – You are deserving of good things now and in the future – Keep up the good work !!!

  23. Any idea if you guys are doing the Anglesea Blues Fest this year? By far best band/performance of the entire Fest last year! Hope to see you in July!

    • We sure would like to Jim. Festivals don’t typically repeat the same acts two years in a row. I was wondering how Wildwood weathered the Storm… Thanx for the note! Jacque..

  24. looking at your website to see if you’re ever coming back to Eureka Springs. I met you all in tulsa a couple of years back. I was there with Greg Province from Claremore.

    Let me know if you’re coming to the blues festival this year!!!

  25. Any chance you fellas are going to make it to Chi-town for a show? This place needs some Leveetown. Step up your game and good luck to Brandon this weekend in Memphis!!

  26. Wow I reaaly enjoy your band kinda going thru with drawal seeing u all live looks like I will have to wait till mid march to see u all. Best luck till then how did memphis turn out?dlove

  27. Hey Fellas! I was lucky enough to see you at Muddy Waters this past Friday in the Quad Cities. You were awesome and I will definitely see you whenever you make it north to the Twin Cities. Keep rockin!

    • Hi, this is Jacque. Brandon uses a Gibson 335 the red one, a Gretch White Falcon & a 1948 Harmony Strad-o-tone. Thanks for the question!

  28. Hi Leeve Town Boys
    Boys Are Great Live
    Need find A C.D.From Band NaME (SNAPSHOT)
    I Lost MY C.D.

  29. We enjoyed your recent gig at Cactus Jack’s Saloon in beautiful Evergreen, CO. Y’all really blew the roof off the place – well, you were actually outside on the deck, but you get the idea. I hope you will submit a demo CD to Musikfest, that 10-day festival in Bethlehem, PA that I mentioned to Jan, and held every year in early Aug. Their website is Musikfest.org. Check out the lineup – I see Rick Estrin and the Nightcats playing there this year, and you folks remind me of them, as well as the West Side Winders from Chicago – both great bands! Thanks for a great show, and please come back to Evergreen anytime!

  30. Got the pleasure of seeing you guys on Saturday at Cactus Jacks in Evergreen and was very impressed!! You guys are great and look forward to your return!!

  31. We saw you at the Cedar City, UT “Groove Fest” and then later at Toadz. I’m the older guy with black rimmed glasses accompanied with the beautiful black haired woman.
    I’m not going to write a review here but you are all gifted and work really well together. Unique without loosing the root. I’m 60 and I’ve heard a lot of music. Yours is special. On top of all that you’re really nice people. I’ll be listening to the C.D. we bought all day.
    If you ever find yourselves in our area again, stay with us. We have plenty of room.

    • Thanks so much Bob! Your words are very encouraging, and thank you for the offer to put us up! Hopefull we will be out west sometime sooner than later.. Jacque.

  32. I heard you guys some 5 years ago in River Quay, or whatever it was called then. I’ve lived everywhere since, it seems. Michigan, Cali, ‘Bama. Yet I still kept calling my KC pals and telling’em to see you rock the blues! But now I’m back, and so glad ya’ll are still a hard workin’ band. Hope to see you this Sunday…

  33. just want to thank you guys for playing old skoolz sat night! you guys f ing blew me away. cant wait till your back in Sioux falls again.

  34. Got to see your band at the slippery noodle in Indianapolis. Thought you guys were fantastic. Have you got anything scheduled there in the future or in Ohio?

  35. Hey guys

    Wondering where you are playing on New Years Eve, Kenny and I want to get a jump on reservations….Hope to see you Friday at the Pizza joint in Parkville.

    • Hey Kim, we are at the Lexington Mo VFW I’m sorry I don’t have an address at this time.. There are some folks coming over and said they got a cheap room right near the place.. Sorry I’m not much help!

  36. I ordered the Pages of Paperwork and the Levee Town cds on 12/10/13 through this site and have not received the order. Would you either fulfill the order or refund the $35.70.

    • All apologizes for this oversight Steve, long story but I do NOW have your address & will ship tomorrow 2.4.14. MANY THANKS for the support!

  37. Hey Fellas, thank you all so much for helping to make our Harmonica Summit a great success. Your fantastic music and attitude was perfect and exactly what we needed for this setting. I will holler your praises from the rooftops! Hope you made it home safely in the winter weather, we plan to hear you play again real soon.

  38. If you guys get the chance you should schedule a show somewhere in Saint Louis. Just heard Levee Town for the first time and you guys are AMAZING!

  39. Saw you guys again last night at Uncle Bo’s. We have a little “home away” down near Table Rock Lake. There is a resort & marina named “Rock Lane Resort” that we frequent- they can be found on Facebook. They have an outdoor bar/dance area called The Parrot pavilion. They do live music on Fri & Sat nights all summer. I have been encouraging them to try some blues bands. You guys would be perfect!!!!! Not sure its possible but never know till you ask……. I will hook you up with their guy if you’re interested. Let me know, thanks! Scott

  40. Denny Fowble & I booked you for the South Skunk Bowful’ of Blues in Newton. We had quite a lineup that year & foe me you stole the show!! Not only gracious & proffessional, But kickass!!! I’ve seen many a Blues band in my days & you guys still resonate with me…so by know I can honestly say you sincerely will..Glad to see your schedules.Thanks for keeping the Blues Alive! and putting a special place in my heart! Tyra

  41. Last night (August 1) my wife Toni and I went to Knuckleheads (both for the first time) and caught your show. YOU GUYS TOTALLY BLEW US AWAY. We both have thought for a long time KC was a really great place for music – but are REALLY convinced after hearing you last night.

  42. Saw you guys last week at Knuckleheads – the show rocked! I want to purchase a few CD’s but every show I go to you seem to be out – how do I get myself some of this awesome sound for my home listening pleasure?

    • MMM I don’t get that we always have copies of our latest two records at the shows… they are also available on itunes & CD baby. come see us, THANK YOU!

  43. Wow! Every time I see you guys I am blown away. I love your casual attitude toward your music and your talents. Brandon was so very gracious and kind to allow me to have my photo taken with him at the Jammin’ in JC Blues and BBQ Festival in Junction City, Kansas. I must admit I could easily be a groupie, providing I didn’t have to work:) Looking forward to catching up with you all again soon. Safe travels!

  44. Howdy all, i just saw you at knuckleheads gospel lounge tonight, and your band left us in awe! I appreciate your show and unselfish, and appreciative spirit for your crowd and fans. The music makes me want to be a better drummer, and close my eyes to feel the music. Thanks for the inspiration, and I will be to an open jam at knuckleheads very soon. Love MB

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