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Not only does Jacque Garoutte sing and play bass for LEVEE TOWN he has his hands and ears busy singing & playing guitar with the JamBaLiars, Hosting the Blue Monday Trio, alternating Tuesdays on bass with the Coyote Bill Boogie Band, even taking a turn or three with Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats.

Jacque “finally” got his solo recording DOUBLE NICKEL out and about around KC & on . He plays all the instruments except the drums, applied by Sam Platt & one of the harmonica solos by  Levee town ex pat Jimmie Meade.

Jacque has played everything from punk to gospel and “a whole lotta blues in between.” In over 35 years of playing music, he has seen the flavors come and go, worn many different hats (both musical and technical), but he is always drawn back to the blues.

He spent most of the nineties on guitar recording, writing & touring with a brother from another mother, Greg Krutsinger in theMissioNaries a rock & roll band geared for “big fun in a large way”. Early in this endeavor Greg & Jacque served as road crew for Lou Whitney & Donnie Thompson’s The Skeletones as they toured with Dave Alvin, “This was just our way of trying to hustle studio time from Lou!”. TheNaries still play out and record from time to time while Greg writes and records under his name and also Georgia Overdrive.

At the turn of the century Jacque was working with The Websters, Blake and Conrad, vocals and drums respectively brothers for real. This band, as ferocious as they were in debauchery also cranked out some great music that the fans loved. People would crowd the stage and sing with Blake and Jacque until the lights went up and they were forced to stop.

All the time Jacque spent in these projects he worked constantly doing pickup gigs with whomever called. During the time of the Websters he published the newspaper/e-zine (someday to be resurrected as a web archive). At one time Ron Brooks drummer of the legendary Steve Gaines’ Crawdad, gave him the nickname Five Band Jack.

Producer/Engineer/drummer, Sam Platt got Jacque involved with the John Deere corporation on a compilation cd/webdownload called power up your career, the song American Dream was there for free download, as well as the Levee Town song Money.

Jacque has gigged or toured with a long list of great musicians, including blues greats like Ace Moreland, Smoot Mahuti, Baby Jason & The Spankers, Randy McAllister, Glenn R. Townsend, Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Benois King, Andrew “Junior Boy” Jones, Smilin’ Willie Guiedon and Wes Jeans.

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