Takin’ & Givin’ out this month!

Art & Audio files are uploaded, order is being processed, we will have CDs this month!

We will be announcing record release parties in your area here & on Facebook!









We have been working hard for a few months now on a new recording at L.A. Audio and Weights & Measures Sound Lab here in the KC metro area, and we are very excited about serving up some fresh sounds to everyone!

Brandon, Jacque and Adam are the core of the tracks, add our old pal Jimmie Meade on harmonica to the mix and Jaisson Taylor singing a couple of Brandon’s tunes, things are really shaping up! And the addition of the two keyboard players just sweeten the party.

The one and only Annie P. Annie Walser, one of Jacque’s lifelong musical compadres takes us to the country with her own unique Okie bred style of ticklin’ the Ivories. Turning it up a notch, we decided to call in one of KC’s finest, Chris Hazelton takes us uptown and downtown with his great Hammond B3 chops!

We think your really going to like this record!

Stay tuned for an announcement on the CD release events in your area!